Фразы для Алиэкспресс

Фразы для АлиэкспрессЧасто, у покупателей Алиэкспресс, при выборе товара, изучение характеристик, во время доставки или при получение товара, возникает необходимость пообщаться с тем или иным продавцом по различного рода вопросам: техничным характеристикам, размерной сетке, правильности трек номера, срокам доставки, несоответствия товара характеристикам на сайте, мелким дефектам или по другим вопросам.

У многих покупателей возникает дискомфорт в общение с китайскими продавцами, поскольку языком переписки или общение на Алиэкспресс в ЧАТе, является английский (или же китайский). Множество пользователей не владеет английским (тем более китайским). По этому, таким пользователям пригодятся фразы для Алиэкспресс, а именно — фразы для общения с продавцом на Алиэкспресс.

Эти стандартные фразы помогут покупателям легко найти «общий язык» с продавцами Алиэкспресс, к тому же фразы уже сформулированы, и каждый покупатель для себя сможет найти именно те фразы aliexpress, которые подойдут ему в каждой конкретной ситуации.

Итак, фразы Алиэкспресс на многие случаи жизни:

Общее обращение

Hello, dear seller!
Dear Seller!
Dear Sir , madame
Best Regards!
Kind Regards!
I’m really sorry!
I tried to contact with you, but I haven’t got any reply.
Best regards!
Nice day!
I apologize for the trouble.


Вопросы о товареВопросы о товаре 2

Is this item in stock?
I kindly ask you to send me a few additional photos of this item. It is desirable to send photos in high resolution.
Could you please give me more information about this item?
What is the state of this item?
In what country was this item produced?
Do you have a document that confirms the date and the place of this item purchase (cashier’s receipt, bill)?
Do you have a warranty service coupon for this item? Could you please send me the copy of it?
Do you provide the disk with software?
What basic software is now installed?
What is the serial number of the device?
Do you provide the case?
Do you provide the complete set of fastenings?
Do you provide a charger?
Please, send me the photos of information label of this item, from which I could find out the country-producer, structure of the fabric,size, the power unit specification, serial number.
Was this item laundered or dry-cleaned?
Have you taken this item to the atelier, to the workshop for repair, alteration to the body (height)?
Is this item made of leather or of leatherette ?
Is this item entirely made of leather or there are insets of leatherette, fabric?
Does this item have visible, hidden defects?
Could you please measure the length of the insole?
How long was this item in use (used)?
How would you evaluate condition of this item in ten-point system (0- terribly, 10 — irreproachably)?
Is this item absolutely new with tags, labels, stickers in manufacturer’s box?
Is the power unit of this devi с e rated at 110 or 220 volts? Or is it universal 110-220V?
Is this devise supplied with a plug of European or US standard?
How long was this device used?
I don’t want to buy the whole lot. I need to buy only one piece from the lot. Can you sell the item retail for me?


Оформление заказа


If you like, we can cancel our deal.
Please, if you can, change the shipping address.
Please, check the product for defects and spoilage before you ship it.
Please, pack up the purchased item(s) good. I’m ready to pay for it additionally.
I kindly ask you to specify in the customs declaration the following value of a parcel: … $
Please, take all the stickers, labels, and price tags off and send me the item as «used».
Is it possible to insure the parcel additionally? To the amount of … .


Купоны и скидки


Hi! I love your store. Can you give me a discount? Thank you!
I’m interested in purchasing your item(s), but I think the price is too high. Can I ask for a discount?
If I purchase a few different items, can I get a discount?
I already ordered from you before.
I added your store to my Store List.
Your price is too high. I can buy the same for … from…


Доставка, трек-номерДоставка, трек-номер, отслеживание


I’m interested in purchasing your item(s), but I see that you don’t send them to the countries I live in (Russia, Ukraine). Can you make an exception for me and send me the item(s) via EMS?
I would like you to send the parcel via EMS .
I’m interested in purchasing of your item(s), but the way of delivery you suggest isn’t convenient for me because:
1)it’s too expensive.
2)the customs duties are too high.
3)the delivery will take too much time.
4)it’s too unreliable.
Could you please send this item(s) to Russia (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus) via EMS ?
I have purchased next item(s) from you …. Please let me know if you have already sent the parcel?
Could you please tell me the date when the parcel was sent?
Please, send me the tracking number.
Unfortunately, I haven’t got sent item(s) yet.
I still have not received the parcel.
Track nowhere monitored. Is this the right number?
Is this track correct?
Please, if you can, check your post office is the parcel real departure? Or can some sort of error in the track number?
Please provide the supporting documents from the Post Office to prove that the parcel was sent to me, thank you!
I still haven’t got the sent parcel. Could you please initiate the search and insurance compensation?
This will help to avoid duties.
Due to shipping delays, please extend delivery date by …. days
Why you do not want to extend the time for delivery?
If the delivery time is not increased, I will be forced to open a dispute (this will give me time to wait for a parcel).
Parcel is in my town, but I still can not get it.
The track shows that the package left sorting in Moscow. Parcels usually requires 7-15 days to get to me after that.
I am sure that the package is not lost.
I’ll wait for the parcel until it is received. Or until it is clear that parcel is lost.
When I get the parcel, I will immediately confirm receipt of the parcel.


Диспут, спор, претензия

You have promised me full (partial) refund of money for item(s) purchased from you, but you have not done it yet. Can I ask you why? When do you do the refund?
I have to give you a negative feedback because I haven’t received the item(s) yet (the delivered item doesn’t not correspond with description).
Do you guarantee the compensation of the return cost in case the item doesn’t correspond with description?
Please refund me in full asap.
The item delivered to me doesn’t correspond with description (it’s broken), but it’s too expensive to send it back to you.
The item I have purchased from you needs to be repaired. In the service centre I was told that repair will cost ….
In the parcel there was not the item I had purchased.
Unfortunately, I have to turn the dispute into claim.
I’ve only got a few hours to open the disput. I am forced to open it, not to miss the deadline.
If the delivery time is not increased, I will be forced to open a dispute (this will give me time to wait for a parcel).

Положительные отзывы

I have given you positive feedback. Please, give me the feedback in response.
I just received the parcel! The parcel is all right!
I will leave a very positive feedback
Thank you for your cooperation!
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
I am sorry for my panic.
Thank you for your understanding.
The full and true description of the item.
Good price
Great communication.
I recommend everyone.
It’s a pleasure to deal with.
I will purchase more.
A real professional.
The item corresponds with description.
The item was delivered very fast.
Great seller!

Негативные отзывыНегативные отзывы 2

If it turns out that information of the item condition you provided is not true, I will have to leave you a negative feedback.
I have to give you a negative feedback because I haven’t received the item(s) yet (the delivered item doesn’t not correspond with description).
I have received an item that doesn’t correspond with the seller’s description.
I still haven’t received the item.
The sending of purchased item was delayed.
Bad Communication.
The seller doesn’t reply to the letters.
I have received broken (smashed) item (in a bad condition).
The item is not original. I have received the fake.
The seller has badly packed the item(s).
The size mentioned in the description doesn’t correspond with the size of the item delivered.
He is selling counterfeit items.
He’s rude.
Bald-faced rudeness.
The seller outraged me.
I advice to avoid him.
He sells items that he doesn’t have.
He has never sent me the item.
The seller refunded me money (refunded a part of money).
The item delivered in bad condition. It’s torn (dirty, broken).
He denied to refund money.


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